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We’ve set our position in the telecommunications sector by providing services at the highest standards even though advancing technology demands constant improvements in the telecommunications space. But there is one constant within every industry which is the energy consumption and its production. Demand for renewable energy will keep increasing over the next 100 years and therefore we decide to lead our business model towards bulletproof combination of telecommunications and renewable energy.

  • Incorporated in Liechtenstein
  • Corporate Banking with Bank Frick AG
  • Advised by BDO Liechtenstein
  • Legally advised by SCHEIBER Attorneys at Law
  • Generating 60M+ Euro in revenue (telecommunications 2018)
wind turbine in latvia close to the coast

25 Years

Corporate track record

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Bank Frick

BDO Liechtenstein

Scheiber Law


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We're part of the telecommunication & renewable energy industries

Global telecom services

Being engaged in the international transfer of voice and SMS traffic, Api Mobile is interconnected with leading telecommunication companies across the globe and offers top level voice and SMS delivery services to wide range of customers.

SMS transit and termination

By offering voice transit interconnections and SMS delivery services with Tier1- and Tier2- companies we enable corporate customers to use highly efficient communication channels.

Renewable technology for the future

We're developing highly competitive energy projects in order to diversify revenue streams and improve long-term ROI of Enercom AG expanding our footprint in the renewable energy area.

Acquiring of renewable energy projects

We never seize to explore new renewable energy projects in their development phase and share our expertise with an aim to maximise added value and to successfully transition them into production.

Why Enercom

What's unique about Enercom AG

We believe our setup is unique and exciting as it combines one of the Top10 service exporting companies in Latvia, with one of the most efficient and exclusive renewable energy projects located on the shoreline of the Baltic sea near Liepāja, Latvia. We are fully committed to pay the forecasted dividends of up to 1 Million EUR in 2nd quarter of 2020. to our newly onboarded shareholders appreciating their support to us paving the way towards brighter and cleaner future. Please read more about this here.

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